Welcome to LatterHouse Decor. Thank you for visiting our page. The Purple Ribbon Mission of LatterHouse Decor is to provide no cost interior decorating services to women and families who have been hurt due to domestic violence. Many times these individuals are forced to start over in a new home with only the clothes on their backs and little to nothing else.

At LatterHouse, our desire is to assist the families in turning their new houses into real homes by assessing their needs and doing all that we can to fulfill their wishlist. We furnish and decorate these homes with donations from all over - having to spend little to no money out of pocket. Our design team is phenomenal and brings all of the beautiful donations together effortlessly and seamlessly - helping to create a beautiful, comforting and peaceful space for our clients. 

LatterHouse is a non profit organization and was divinely inspired by its founder, Shalonda Waggoner - a domestic abuse survivor and advocate. Shalonda has assembled an awesome team of decorators, photographers, movers and other professionals to give hope and beauty to those rising from the ashes of a dark time in their lives.