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Purple Ribbon Mission

About Us
Purple Ribbon Mission

LatterHouse Decor’s Purple Ribbon Mission is to provide no-cost furnishings, décor, and professional interior decorating services to survivors of domestic violence after they transition from the shelter and into their own home.

Our purpose is to give our clients back their voice and agency by involving them in the process. It starts when they fill out a Wishlist, which tells us the color, style, and type of things they want to be surrounded by in their new home. We do all that we can to make sure our clients know that we value them, their privacy, their opinions, and their space.

Our end goal is consistently the same — a client who is happy and content with their home! Our clients’ tears and gratitude tell us that what we do and what we give them goes so much deeper than just a pretty space. We give them a sense of contentment; a sense of pride; an overwhelming joy; and, perhaps most importantly, indescribable peace.(469) 427-1116


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Give The Gift Of Hope To Women In Need

Starting Over

Because Starting Over Is Hard Enough.

Leaving a domestic violence situation is both dangerous and frightening. Survivors have big decisions to make, often at great cost, to find safety and begin to build a new life. It requires summoning the nerve to leave, figuring out where to go, and trying to plan for what’s next — all daunting tasks in the best of circumstances. But when it’s time to leave a shelter filled with strangers for an empty apartment, it hardly feels like much of an improvement. They’re faced with more hard choices: groceries or sheets? Bills or a bed? Gas or pots and pans? Silverware or plasticware from a fast-food restaurant? And this is only a glimpse of the dilemmas our brave survivors have after transitioning from the shelter to their own place. That’s why we’re here…because starting over is hard enough.

LatterHouse Décor provides free furnishings and professional interior decorating services for survivors. Our step-by-step process is customized and personalized according to the wants and needs of each individual client. It begins with a local domestic violence shelter referring clients who need our services. Upon receiving their referral packet, we schedule a consultation to:

  • Get to know the client

  • Take before pictures

  • Go over their “Wishlist” in person

The Wishlist is part of what makes the LatterHouse experience so impactful. Being abused and often even escaping abuse costs survivors so much of their autonomy. So instead of simply providing them a random assortment of items, we help our clients find their voice again, starting with what they envision waking up to every day. Encouraging them to make their wishes known empowers them to start regaining control of their lives.

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Shalonda WaggonerFounder & President
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Maria BurkeVice President & Lead Decorator
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Melissa Foster FollisDirector of Operations
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Hammond BurkeDirector of Technology
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Sharyl ZenoLead Decorator

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