LatterHouse is such an amazing organization! You guys are literally the best! I was so stressed out worrying about furniture and more, but you guys made it so much easier for me . Not only did you guys decorate my house but you guys furnished it and gave the kids Christmas toys, Christmas tree ornaments, and more I wish I had a thousand mouths to thank you guys! Every second I'm home I’m just thinking about this blessing. I'll recommend you guys any day! Thank you for everything! It's beautiful!


Good, the kids are also good, I finally found a job today and I start tomorrow. Every time I walk in, I still can't believe we live here vs. before. Thank you all so much for everything - it feels so unbelievable! I pray that when I'm back on my feet that I'm able to give back to LatterHouse Decor for being there for my family. When everything happened, I felt so numb, stressed out and empty for everything. I felt like it was going to take me all my life to regain everything we had in our old apartment. It took for everything to happen for me to start praying again. I'm so thankful that people like you all and Hope's Door are out here because at times I felt like I was gonna go crazy just thinking of how I was going to get us a place to stay and a bed to lay on after the shelter. Words can't explain how thankful I am for your help and even providing Christmas gifts for us. THANK YOU!!!


We really appreciate everything you have done for our little family in turning our house into a beautiful home. Our hearts are so full of joy. I cannot believe that people like you and agencies like yours even exist!

With Love,

Ariel and Carter Brierton

Good afternoon,
I just want to tell you thank you for providing and decorating my furniture and décor. You are truly a
blessing. I greatly appreciate all the time and effort that you all put into making my home a home. I
never could have imagined have a home as I do. I still am in awe when we walk into the apartment. My
son asks everyday mommy can we go to our NEW home, which is big for him. All this was done by you
and your team. I could never express how much this means to me and my son. You truly made a dream
come true that I never thought or imagined would come true.

Ms. Shalonda, without you none of this would have been possible. I want to first say thank you for your
passion and dream, without your program this would not have been possible. Thank you for all your time and effort, you are a true blessing. Without people like you, people like me would still be dark and
empty. I could never thank you enough for what you and your team are doing. You have had a big
impact on mine and my son journey. You showed up and out at the same time.

Thank you. Ms. Maria, you will always have a special place in my life and heart. Thank you for opening my eyes to the beauty of colors. I will always remember what you told me about dark colors and black are not the only colors. You have really opened my eyes to the beauty of colors. I am so grateful for the blessing you have been to my family. I know it was all done in your own, as I couldn’t imagine anything but dark and black. A special thank you for my son’s room. The whole house is so beautiful! You brought a dream that I never thought was possible to reality. I still have that same feeling when we walk into our NEW home. Thank you for all your time and the effort it took to complete this project. You are a true blessing in our lives!

To the rest of the LatterHouse Décor team thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Without all of you my dreams would have never came true. Also, to all the donors and volunteers thank you for your time and support. You all are a true blessing and have done something for my family that would have never been possible without each one of you.

Thank you Again thank you for all your dedication and time. I am truly blessed because of all your works. I don’t think I could say thank you enough, for what you have made possible for me and my family. Thank you and God bless you!!!

Thank you,

To The LatterHouse Décor Family,

I am not a woman of many words, but it is with much bliss that I am writing this letter.

In November 2018, I happen to have stumbled across your ministry through research I was conducting to help me get something that I could not afford at that time – a bed. Being someone who never asks for anything or continually remains hesitant to accept help when I need it. I contacted your ministry as I saw that you helped domestic violence survivors and I took a chance to contact you for my need to see if you could help. I did not know what being candid about my situation would bring me in return.

The month of October was filled with more heartache for; being told that the cause of ,y declining health was a brain tumor and dealing with a small child with a range of issues also made my life a little harder to deal with and as the date for my abuser/ stalker’s release had gotten closer, I was desperate for something to just escape him and in the case that I couldn’t, just feel comfortable in the home I was in. You all did that for me.

Not only have you provided my family something to sleep on, which is the only thing I wanted, you also thought about us for Christmas and that came with more blessings. When we were finally able to relocate somewhere safe, you provided us with the essentials we needed to finally feel that we were at home and not just somewhere to live.

Even though I choose to remain anonymous, I hope that you can share this letter, a testimony if you will, with any and everyone that you can. Your ministry deserves funding as it is very unique concept that many could use. My hope is for your ministry to thrive to the highest level that you want and can achieve. If I can use my talents, whether it be writing, web design, word of mouth, video editing or anything you could use from me to help with that, I am eager to give back to my full ability and I am eternally in your service to pay it forward.

From today and beyond, I wish you manymore blessings and the peace of mind to continue to do God’s work and continue to fight to end domestic violence.

Stay blessed!

Anonymous Client