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Shalonda Waggoner

Shalonda Waggoner is the Founding President of LatterHouse Decor. Domestic violence is not a glamorous subject matter. It is a hard conversation to have, especially since victims are silenced by their communities or by own feelings of embarrassment. And too many have not survived.

Shalonda’s Purple Ribbon mission began when she and her daughter stood in the doorway of an empty apartment just weeks after fleeing her abuser. Eager to heal after living under the cloud of abuse, she wanted to connect with others in a safe manner to share her story. She began counseling and learned that the women in her group session had similar stories of being able to take little more than few clothing items when they were fleeing abuse. In seeking the Lord’s guidance agent of change in the domestic violence community, she came across Haggai 2:9: “The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace.” From that Scripture, LatterHouse Decor was born.

Shalonda realized the importance of survivors having not only safety for them and their children, but a beautiful home filled with light and color. 

Shalonda’s life is a conduit of healing and hope. It is her commitment and belief in the success of making sure that her clients get a fresh start by helping them reach a new level of independence from abuse through interior design. She will not stop until the world recognizes that decor helps and decor heals.
Melissa headshot

Melissa Foster Follis

As a survivor of abuse and sexual assault, Melissa’s passion is to help other survivors find healing and to equip communities to protect and support victims. She’s spent over 10 years studying abuse: the social dynamics around it, theological messaging that contributes to it, the effects on the victims, and the vital role of community response. When the opportunity to serve with LatterHouse Décor literally came to her door in 2017, she eagerly followed that call. Her role there is largely behind-the-scenes support for the decorators who create the beautiful spaces for survivors to call home.


Melissa has served on the Board of Directors of LatterHouse Décor since 2019 and was appointed to the Board of Directors at DaySpring Senior Living in 2021. She’s also accepted an invitation to cofound a nonprofit dedicated to training ministry leaders in identifying, preventing, and responding to domestic abuse.


Melissa lives in Plano with her loving husband and three amazing kids. Her day job is in customer communication. She holds a BAAS in English and Christian Ministry from Dallas Baptist University and a certificate in Advocacy for Victims of Domestic Violence from Giver Her Wings Academy.


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