Shalonda Waggoner

Shalonda Waggoner is the Founding President of LatterHouse Decor that is
located in the metropolitan area of Dallas. LatterHouse Decor is a design
ministry that offers no-cost interior decorating services to women and families
that have been relocated due to domestic violence. Domestic violence is not a
glamorous subject matter. It is a hard conversation to have. It's often the
silence of those that have lived through domestic violence or those who have
lived through it, that feel embarrassed and ashamed. Unfortunately, there are
also those who did not survive.

Shalonda's Purple Ribbon mission began when her and her daughter stood in
the doorway of an empty apartment just weeks after fleeing her abuser. Eager
to heal after living under the cloud of abuse, she wanted to connect with
others in a safe manner to share her story. She began counseling and learned
that the women in her group session had similar stories of not being able to
take anything but a few clothing items when they were fleeing from their
abusive environments. She sought the Lord for instruction on what she could
do to be an agent of change in the domestic violence community. While in her
study time, she came across the Scripture Haggai 2:9 and felt an immediate
connection. The "latter house" shall be greater than the former,' says the Lord
of Hosts.'; And in this place I will give peace,' says the Lord of Hosts. From
that Scripture, LatterHouse Decor was born.

Shalonda realized the importance of women not only having a safe place to
call home for them and their children, but having a beautiful home filled with
light and color. With multiple home installations completed, it is no wonder
that service to survivors of domestic violence has become her purple ribbon

It is her commitment and belief in the success of making sure that her clients
get a fresh start by helping them reach a new level of independence from
abuse through interior design.

Shalonda's life is a conduit of healing and hope. She will not stop until the
world recognizes that decor helps and decor heals.